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A hearty and warm welcome to “IndiaTodayWeb“-A blog comprises freshly brewed contents on “Technology, SEO, WordPress, Link Building, Trends” and many more.

IndiaTodayWeb” is basically a platform that paves the path for newbies to an unconventional way of learning new technological trends and tactics making an exit from those vexatious ways of learning.

Now if you are interested in something like “Technology, SEO, Link Building, WordPress, Trends” then you’ll feel right at home here. Since you are here right now, something tells me that you are innovative, enthusiastic, and curious towards the digital world.  

Trust me, my friend…!! I am going to help you with this.


IndiaTodayWeb” offers you

Freshly brewed knowledge of Technology & Latest Trends.

In-detail overview of SEO, WordPress & Link Building.

Apart from these, I have some core beliefs that I would like to share with you all-

Not having a clear-cut knowledge about something is actually not a thing that you should be offended by. There is always a first time. I am here to help you out with all the problems that come with my expertise.

If you are tired of reading that heavy worded stuff then you are at a right place where you’ll find the simplest explanations of all the things you are looking for.

I believe you have a big fat goal that you have hidden in your heart and trust me I’ll show you how to do it. Even if I have a little idea about it, I’ll do whatever it takes me to.

WHO IS Karan Raj?

Hey everyone..!! This is “Karan Raj.” and I am obsessed with online blogging and sharing all the information that is to the best of my knowledge.

I am a DIGITAL MARKETING SEO CONSULTANT from India and been working in this field for over a year.

I am basically from Patna (Bihar) and completed my schooling there. Like every ambitious person, I came out of that place for higher studies (B.Tech). Unlike every student, I was a fun lover rather spending much more time on those shitty books that are actually of no use in the real world (Not at least in my case…No offence).


Well, I always had a soft corner for Digital Marketing. So I did do the necessary stuff like courses and all that to pursue my career as an SEO consultant. Blogging has been a passion for me always. I just waited for some time to exercise my knowledge in a beneficial way. And after having proper command in this filed I have decided to start up with my own. Which brought me here ending up creating ”IndiaTodayWeb” in hope of starting an online community.

Every day you come up with something new and that is actually the magical feature of knowledge.

Though still, I am a learner I will make sure that people here will get to know about all the latest and authentic information that will help them to grow both personally as well as professionally.


   Karan Raj 

                Website: www.indiatodayweb.com

In case of any query, you can contact us at any time at admin@indiatodayweb.com. An Immediate response is guaranteed.

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