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To attain a better ranking spot, WordPress SEO plug-ins are one of the reliable sources to yield more and more traffic. WordPress is one of the significant and influential content management portals that help in encouraging the execution of millions of websites. Yes, you read that right, but there is various such other premium plug-in that does deliver the good results.  Can I be very honest with you? It becomes difficult for WordPress beginners to choose which appropriate SEO plug-in for their site. What if we help you to choose one of the Best Seo Plugin for WordPress, with categorized aspects, you can get detailed information below. 

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Prefer The best Seo Plugin for WordPress

When you at the various premium SEO plugins, you must first know about the outlining that requires while choosing the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress 2018. It depends on the SEO’s important aspects such as:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Two renowned WordPress SEO plugins are highly considered by the WordPress websites.

The Yoast SEO works efficiently as it collaborates with the powerful content analysis tools. It thus helps you to optimize individual post or page on your website. Yoast thus, allows the plug-in to analyze your content according to the keyword. The Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin enables free downloads from WordPress. It offers users complete SEO page analysis related to the focus keyword. It is thus compatible with the multiuse purpose for multi-sites. 


The All In One SEO Plugin is useful for optimizations if various posts and pages. A popular WordPress SEO plugin helps in improving your search rankings. It supports Google Accelerated Mobile pages by making it influential. It also supports Google Analytics that perfectly to track your traffic. For the utilization of the advanced features of the plugin, is to make the site look appealing to search engines.


 SEMRush gives out few of its complimentary domain overview metrics. With a simple interface, it is a perfect plugin meant for the beginners. Its major focus is for gathering analytics and insights from its competitors regarding improvising the SEO of its own. It leads to obtaining paid traffic, SEO and content. Both small and tycoon business leads can rely on SEMRush for attaining competitor analysis strongly.  The audit reports submitted by them give you a wealth of data.


JetPack is merely found in the WordPress plugins for many hosting providers. It does not require activating as it is included and pre-installed with WordPress. With the login information, you can activate the JetPack. It ensures sharing your posts publically, ultimately appreciated that results in uplifting your rank on the search engines.  A single plug-in assures utilities of the users fulfilled by having the access to tons of features. The merit of this plugin clarifies that it does not require any purchasing related to accessing the features with an on/off ability.


Choosing the best SEO plugin is a tedious task yet it is one of the prominent aspects of successful SEO campaigns, that must contain certain qualities:

  • Fresh, clean and Efficient code:

With unnecessary codes like CSS or JavaScript puts an unnecessary load on the site. It must stay fast and ensures that the plugin enables efficiency and does not slow down your website.

  • Multipurpose SEO features:

The various features of the SEO plugins that make it an enhanced and efficient plugin, as it has to handle various tasks multiply.

  • Essential Documents :

The plugin documentation is essential to understand the various features for example documentation of video guides or articles.  The various plugins come with the admin dashboard through which the configuration is done.

  • Extensive customer support:

When you opt for the Best Lightweight SEO Plugin WordPress you must also get the benefits of the extensive customer support. The plugin author will provide you support through forums on WordPress.  Whereas, all the SEO plugins attain reviews and rating according to their value added to your website.


Best Seo Plugin For WordPress plays a vital role in terms of search engine optimization of the sites. Through an appropriate Meta description by focusing the keyword, the plugins thus leads to configuring the advanced SEO plugins.


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