Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

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Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites


Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites:- Social Bookmarking Submission is the good method to get quality backlinks, huge traffic along with branding, promotion and indexing privileges. Social Bookmarking, users save bookmarks to a community website by tagging them with keywords. The benefit of  Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites as different from local bookmarking is that the user can organize the sites better and then share them. The more social signals your content receive, The more chance to rank higher in Search Engine. Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites index constantly by Search Engines so there is a lot more chance to index your content faster. it has so many benefits.


1.     By submitting to social bookmarking sites, your blog post can go viral.

2.     It will reduce the bounce rate.

3.     Social bookmarking websites’ submission helps to generate new relevant traffic to your post.

4.     It will improve your domain authority.


if you want an actually good position for a particular blog post we must create a lot of Quality Backlink to that article and these social bookmarking sites becomes handy to get quick backlinks. In this post we have collected more than 70 Social Bookmarking Sites which can play a very important role in the success of your site, I hope you will find this list helpful.

Ahead of you go on to submit your website Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites, you want to understand that if you do too much of spamming in those sites by posting too many links frequently, The right way to use these social bookmarking is to use them on daily basis. You need to be active and grow your followers.


How To Do Social Bookmarking


Each of the most popular social bookmarking sites offers something a little bit different.

  1. Open Social bookmarking site.
  2. After opening website click on the Register Button to register on the website. When you have registered in websites send the activation link to the mail id after activation of the link you are able to log in to the website.

dofollow social bookmarking sites


3.  After log-in on the website click on the Submit  Button, and submit your website link. When you have submitted your link and click on the Continue Button.


  • Story Title:- In the title field put the title of your story that is attractive and related to keywords.
  • Category:- Choose the Category (News).
  • Tags:- You can add some useful keyword during submission. Tagging- it is very important to improve your submission crawling rate. In the tag field, you will put the keywords on your website.
  • Description:- In the description field put the description of your website or product up to 60 words. After filling the captcha click on the Save Changes and Submit Button, and review your story. If required, then modify it or click on submit button.


Hope you have to Understand What is Social Bookmarking? Why should everyone do bookmarking? And how to do it? So let’s start with the Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites.


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Here I am sharing with you a Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites list which I am using regularly for my websites.


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