Google Plus A Powerful Tool For Inbound Marketers

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Google Plus A Powerful Tool For Inbound Marketers


Inbound marketers face different challenges on how to make their product/service get ample focus on the market. With new updates & evolving analytics, it’s really hard to focus on one thing. There must be a balance in utilizing every opportunity with equal proportions.

Introduction of Google+ 6years back has made it easy for every inbound marketer to endure their product/service much easier way. With more than 657 million active users, Google+ is now the second most popular social media network and still growing. With these present analytics, it’s really hard to neglect Google+ for our marketing campaigns & I personally suggest you include Google+ in your primary marketing strategy.

Here are few points I enumerate on how Google+ can help nurture your marketing goals & make you the top inbound marketer:


 Effect of Google Plus on Search Engines


Search Engine Marketing is the primary resource for getting your company’s online visibility. Whether it may be through search engine optimization, increasing your organic rankings or your Adwords campaigning (Pay-per-click), the more your visibility in search engines, the more is the chance to found you out & ultimately success for your business.

Though there are a number of other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. most online searches are made from Google. It gives me the first motivation to start a Google+ business page to get more visitors online.

By setting up a Google+ page for your company, you are expanding your visibility for search engines. If you create a perfect Google+ company page, it will be showcased on the right-hand side of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with your Logo, Company’s profile image, recent posts & a present number of followers.

Let me show you visually what I am talking about. If I open Google & search for “Hyundai”, the search engine result page will show my search query results on the left-hand side and the company’s profile page directly taken from its Google+ page on the right-hand side.

In this screenshot, you can see how search engines have dragged the important information from Hyundai’s Google+ business page. One more interesting thing is it has a ‘follow’ button directly on the SERP page. You need not go to their Google+ page to follow them.


 Google Plus for E-mail Marketing


Now let’s dig deeper. If you are planning an E-mail Marketing for your company, Google+ is all you need for an effective marketing. Google+ is integrated with other popular services of Google such as Gmail. When you use your Gmail and open a mail, the right-hand side real estate is for related Google+ page. Here is the opportunity for you to get more followers right from a single click on the right-hand side of your E-mail sent to your clients.

Additionally, the Google+ Gmail integration also allows displaying recent post from your Google+ account. This is a very positive sign for your company to display your recent activity without sending an E-mail every time and angry your customers.

For an example, here I will show a screenshot of an email that I got from National Geographic.  In the upper right-hand side corner of my E-mail, you will see the recent posts they have made. This is a great branding opportunity that you can only get by setting up a Google+ business page.



 Google Plus for Paid Ad Campaigns


The other most fascinating thing about Google+ is its integration with Google Adwords. You can add Social annotations to your Adwords ads.  Social annotations mean allowing people to see endorsements from your Google+ followers.

Here is a screenshot of Dell which shows the number of followers on their Google+ page.


 Google+ & Social Shares


As social media has grown enormously & a part of our marketing mix, there’s been an interest in the social shares of your company’s content anywhere. Google+ stands as the best social networking icon apart from Facebook & Twitter.

If a Blog post is shared a thousand times on Facebook & Twitter and has more +1’s for it, we believe it is an asset to read that. If you browse any of your favourite websites, there would be social share icons on every website and Google+ just sits inside them. So having a Google+ business page for your company can make rounds in the social networking sites easily and can fetch you the desired results you are waiting for.

By setting up a Business page for your company, you can enhance your company’s visibility on search engine results pages, easily garner leads from your Gmail and increase click-through-rates (CTR) for your Adwords ad campaigns.

So set up a Google Plus business page for your company & start enjoying the marketing benefits of the added quality approach.



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