How to get Google Adsense Approval Within a Week

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Passions of individual may differ. My deepest concern was to educate the people around me with the skill sets I’ve honed for more than a decade. And the blog was my destination. I’ve personally learned from industry jargons by following their blogs. So I’ve started this journey of writing blogs. Though I have an immense satisfaction in educating exactly what I know and mastering my skills meanwhile, I’ve always one question from my viewers. How to generate income by writing blogs? So in this article, I’ve decided to talk about that.

Google Adsense is one stop for getting revenue by writing content. But it’s not easy to get to that level. There are ways you can achieve it with a deep understanding of how does it really works. Fasten your belts for the roller coaster ride of how to get Google Adsense approval within a week.


Let’s start with considerations

The first and foremost thing is the Blog Layout. Is your blog easy to navigate? Do every article you post is segmented according to different pages? How user-friendly your website is, is the key metric in both making your website reduce in bounce rates and easy to approve for Google. If your website has clear navigation paths and the user knows where he is exactly on your website, the more is the web traffic. One more important thing to consider is to include a subscribe option to receive E-mail notifications. When you are ready with the basics, let’s dig in deeper and get that approval as soon as we like.


Content & number of posts

I always stress about one thing. Content is always the king. If you have beautiful and engaging content that your user is attracted to, you are in the game. Write content that is original. Add your personal experiences wherever necessary to communicate on a humane level with your visitors. Don’t stress on keywords. In sense, write for your visitors, not for Google bots. Overstuffing keywords make your content not only lost its flow but makes Google oversee your content.

Write at least a minimum of 50 quality posts/articles/pages. Give backlinks to your social media profiles so that users can hit on your post at a rapid level. Segment your posts properly and give inbound links to other related content on your website.


Analyze your visitors


Google Analytics

Google helps you track your visitors so that you can make modifications to an article that is not viewed mostly. So it is recommended to include google analytics code on your website. Here is how to do that:

Login to Google Analytics

Click Admin

Click “+ new account” in accounts tab


Click “New account”

Click on “Get Tracking ID” and paste it into your website.



Google Webmasters Tool

Verifying your website with Google is an important task to get Adsense approval. Here how you do it:

Login to your Google webmasters tool

Click on “Add a site”

Add your website homepage here and verify your ownership by either including sitemap.xml

If you are using WordPress, then you have Google XML sitemaps in extensions of your dashboard.


Create a Robots.txt file

Robots.txt file exists on your web server and tells google bots what to index on your website. If you are using high-resolution images and videos on your website, you tell google bots not to include those while crawling on your website. Better not to include those if you really wanted a Google Adsense approval at the earliest. This is how the robots.txt files looks like: (You can copy & paste the below code if you want to  your web server if you want)


Alexa Rank

Check your websites Alexa rank before applying for Google Adsense account. Your website Alexa rank must be preferably Less than 400k to have instant Adsense approval

Additional Pages

Apart from the regular pages and articles on your website, you need to maintain some pages for Google bots. This enables a quicker Adsense approval for your website. These additional pages are as follows:

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Disclaimer page
  3. Terms of Use

Apart from following these, its preferable to have an official email id for yourselves which is required when you log in to Adsense account. So create your official email id like If you have a Decent 50+ Unique Visitors on a Daily Basis to your website, you are all set to get the Adsense approval within a week.

These are some of the simple techniques to get an Adsense approval within a week and start earning by educating your passion. Happy writing & happy earning.


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