Importance of Technology

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The term Technology is well known and heard by all common people in this world. However, Most of the people in this world are unaware of its significance or Importance of Technology impact holding even in history.

Technology word comes from Greek Origin and Teche called Art and craft and logos meaning word and speech. Simply Arts and Crafts have been enhanced by day to day in life reflecting the ways of expressions impacting the wide scope of Applications in Practical.

 Uses or Importance of Technology

Many Sources may Provide many Applications or Uses of Technology but Indiatodayweb highlights the essential roles in which it has been grown and showering wonderful consequences of driving light to society to improve the better way of life in practical Uses of Technology in various Fields.

1.Educational Sector or Field

2.Agriculture Sector or Field.

3.Information Technology or Field.

4.Medicine or Field.

5.Health Care or Field.

6.Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Industries Field.

Educational Sector

Long Back in Previous Generations Education field was learned and Taught under Traditional Practices which involved the Simplicity methods of Teaching in adoption to students.

Now Later in this era, as the time passed by generations the speed of grasping and delivering the topics around the globe has been Big Challenge. By Advancement  Importance of technology in Education Field through Webinars, Online Conferences etc. has kicked this Issue in resolving and the challenge was solved.

Agriculture Sector

Historically Agriculture has been the backbone of Economy of our beloved India Country where a lot of time has been spent by the farmers in cultivating the Land with their Traditional Methods resulting in the crops to be produced on time. Moreover, Climatic conditions are to be meet up to get that crop production at that time else everything would vanish and need to wait for another cycle period for cultivation.

These all drawbacks are overcome by Importance of technology in Agriculture Field in cultivating crops productions more than once in a year and generating good revenue for the farmer as well as to the Indian Nation.

Information Technology

This is the field which has been familiar to all and widely known. The Services rendered by Information Technology has been drastically improving in the Society in personal and professional leading them to lead their lives as a freelancer and opportunity to get employment by imparting any skills required for that concern which was not present in our Ancestors time in long back generations. By Advancement in Usage of Technology in IT Field the method of services are done fast.


Medicine Era has become sophisticated in dealing with the more patients cases with the help of measuring Instruments concerned to them with the Use of Technology. Not only in Curing the Diseases but also in Identifying its Scope to get the issue resolved in less span of time which was never before met. Apart from that Research on Different Diseases has become a challenge to conclude the results which are being fulfilled by Using Advanced Tools.


Coming to this Sector HealthCare the vital role in Importance of technology was magnificent in reaching the needs of patients and curing them in no time by utilization of Highly Advance Medical Instruments in Saving them from Big Hazardous Disease or Quick Deaths.

Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Industries Sector Production Lifecycle process were slow as everything was to be done under manual methods which were a very time-consuming process. However Now this can be overcome by Utilization of Sophisticated Machinery leading to Quick Production in Delivering to Clients on time impacting the growth of ROI high than that of never before the Use of Technology. Hence these are the Glance look at each of its Sector How Technology has been boon to these sectors yielding good results I the end.

Income Impact Growth of Technology in Future in Every Sector

The Impact of Technology has been widely grown in every sector by having their own unique features and applications. However,  focuses on the main backbone of the economy of a Nation where it makes to stand still apart from its competitors by providing reliable services in society.

Importance of Technology

Here is the graph which illustrates the growth of the economy by imparting the Importance of Technology in Various Fields and Income Impact Growth in Every Sector.

Importance of Technology Therefore In order to grow up yourself keep updating with Advancement in Technology Concepts in this Competitive world by reaching our IndiaTodayWeb.

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