Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018

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 Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018


Stay Focused On Online Marketing For Successful Marketing Strategies!!..


Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018:- 2017 has been a year of new learning and strategies for every online marketer out there.With ever-changing trends in technology, it is commendable to stay up-to-date with the market growth as well as Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018 to make your website or blog stay fresh and unique.


With over 57% rise in online marketing in 2017 for e-commerce and service-based industry,  beating the competition has become more and more vulnerable and must implement a strategy for online marketers. All the strategic planning discussed here is not new. Everyone knows how these tools are to be used. But here we’ll look at how far we can utilize these services to make our business grow on a rapid scale. Read more to get a clear view of Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018.


Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018


Here are Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018 to implement & to stay ahead of your online marketing for your product/service:

     1. A Google plus page

It’s no argument that when it comes to the online presence for you or your company, you cannot escape Google. Over the years, it has become a scaling tool for company’s success or failure when presented online. Your company may be flourishing in traditional level but when it comes to your online presence, your weak competitors in the market may be well established online and grabbed some of the purchase orders which you really deserve. So there must be a balance of both traditional and online strategy to make sure that you pick every business as it comes and never let it slip through your fingers. So concentrating on Google is your first priority in 2018.

In 2015, Google has given much leverage to its Google plus page in terms of displaying search results for your page and ranking too. So, having a sound Google plus page will increase your chances invisibility and ranking criteria. We’ll cover how to make a strong and appealing Google plus page on our other blog. Do subscribe to hold your ideas back. A Google plus page has some additional advantages which you must consider. When you write a mail to your prospects or existing clients, your Google plus link will be displayed right in their inbox with your latest and related post.

      2. Video marketing


2018 is surely a year of video marketing. With 17.5million active viewers for YouTube and other video platforms like Facebook and Twitter per day, it’s easy to reach your prospects more effectively. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words. So make trending videos on your product portfolio and talk about latest advancements in technology and how you are already using it. Video marketing is the most effective way to educate and bring more customers to your business.

      3. Facebook paid ads



The rise of social media is like a rabbit race. Engaging more visitors and marketing the businesses more strategically, we can admit that Facebook won the race every time. Facebook paid advertising has nourished many local businesses, if not corporates, to a wider extent. With simple day to day budget planning and reach based approach, it is recommended to use Facebook advertising if you are a growing business or an existing player new to online marketing. I’ll post a detailed structure of how to market on Facebook effectively in another post. Meanwhile, you make a try for yourself. It’s GUI is very user-friendly and take you to each step in a detailed manner.  Facebook paid ads is the present Advertising Trends 2018.


       4. E-MAIL marketing

Making your business more personal level for your client or prospect is another key factor for 2018. Keeping in touch with your prospects regularly not only make your client feel important but it also keeps your fish safe in your net. With ever-increasing competition and more players to offer the same services, you offer for a very low price may attract your prospects if you do not stay in touch with them regularly. There are many companies offering free email services to make your day to day business easy. Try using them and keep your clients safe in your hands. Though I recommend you to use MailChimp as your email server, there are many companies with attractive offers. Choose the one which best suits your budget and audience.

        5. Mobile website

When was the last time you heard windows loading sound or MAC opening beep? We are more attached to our smartphones than sitting in front of bulk PC or laptop. Our smartphones offer every need we want. With a rise of 57 % web traffic through smartphones, it is recommended to have your website more mobile friendly. You don’t need an anymore. Make your existing website responsive. It’s simple and drives you more traffic. A little coding is what you need. Ask your website provider or take a responsive website before landing onto digital marketing.

       6. Free offers/subscriptions

A 50% sale of our favourite clothing or black Friday sales always attract us. Though we don’t need them right now, as humans, we desire not to miss that offer anyhow. It applies to everything. Here psychology matters. Making customer psychology from need to a desire is what you need in 2018. I’m not talking about the offers you must make to be ahead from your competitors, it may decrease your credibility to deal with customers, I’m talking about taking competitive advantage of time and creating an urgency in cx mind to opt for your services. Don’t bother to offer free services for a limited period of time for big customers. You’ll have a platform to showcase what you can achieve and how you can be a trustworthy partner to your client. So plan your offers on a humane level at the right time. But don’t plan them to beat your competitors.

         7. Educate via social media

Customers don’t buy your services right ahead. They research first before taking that first step of dialling your number. So educate them about your services through all available social media platforms. Answer queries to forums that are formed related to your services. Omnipresence is the key for better or we can say top marketing strategy in 2018. Identify where these forums or groups are formed and have an active participation there. Some top advertising trends can be also used.

         8. Personal contact

This point I’m pressing it from the very beginning. Be in personal touch with your clients for a better relationship and make sure that he’s well educated about your services offered. It not only brings a competitive advantage for your service but also to render more quality services to your customers every time. Ask them to subscribe to your latest blog post or email newsletter. Referral marketing was, is and will be always the backbone of every marketing campaign.

          9. Update your technology

Apart from educating your clients, stand abreast of developments that are taking place in technology. Update your knowledge on latest trends, which may be a new blog topic for your posts and consuming and implementing these technological advancements will render you to service your clients quickly and easily.

         10. Stay focused– blogging

write more. Be focused. The more you share your knowledge, the more you are close to creating a successful path for your company. Writing more is what Google likes too. But stick to your instincts on what you want your readers to do after they follow you regularly. Create a separate blog for your website to talk more about your services and take them to your website. If your reader thinks you know everything about what you sell, they are more likely to avail your services and make easy in your pockets.


These are the 10 Top Digital Marketing Trends 2018 on which you must be focused to make your business next level. These are not new but a clear understanding of how to utilize them more effectively lies totally on your instincts. Happy growth ahead.

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